Terms and conditions

The booking of an apartment entails the application of these general conditions of occupation, which the tenant expressly acknowledges.

1. Occupation of the rented premises

The tenant will enjoy the leased premises and furniture in "good father". The tenant must ensure the peaceful character of the tenancy and make use of in the designated places. The owner reserves the right not to renew the lease. The lease is granted for a stay which starts and ends in the days, dates and times listed on the booking confirmation. The tenant shall in no circumstances invoke any right to maintain occupancy at the end of the rental period concluded between the parties can in no way benefit to others, except agreement of the owner.
The tenant must report any interruption in the operation of services. The lessee is forbidden to bring dangerous materials for site security. The tenant and his accompanying undertake not to commit any act that may disturb the peace of other tenants of the building. Condominium rules apply to the tenant. In the case of a complaint of nuisance in the neighborhood, only the tenant's responsibility is involved. Any damage, intentional or not, caused by the tenant during his stay will be charged to him. N°9 Boutique Apartments cannot be held responsible for theft or damage of personal effects and nuisance to the neighborhood.

2. Number of tenants

The number of people occupying the apartment cannot exceed the number of beds (2 people). This is to ensure maximum comfort to our customers. Children are considered to hold full-fledged. Any excess will be denied.
If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity indicated in the contract and without prior agreement of the owner, it reserves the right to break the contract with the tenant's fault and claim a supplement of 150.00 euros per extra person.

3. Payment Terms

The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has sent the owner a payment of the total amount of the rental via its website or any other partner site. A confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you. The payment of any additional services are payable on entry into the premises by cash payment. No code will be issued without full payment of the stay.

4. Prices

The prices, in euros, will include all taxes and home insurance, and include the provision of housing charges included (water, electricity, heating, internet access, television, linens, towels, appliances, dishes).

5. Filing of warranty

The deposit guarantee, the amount is 250 euros, will be paid on entry into the premises, together with complementary services for a stay lasting more than 7 nights. It will be refunded on departure, less any costs related to a possible rehabilitation of the premises.

6. Cancellation, no show and early departure

All cancellations must be notified by letter, fax or e-mail as soon as possible. In this case, the deposit will remain with the owner.

Any cancellations received less than 7 days before the scheduled date of arrival will be subject to a cancellation charge equal to the total amount of the stay.

If within 24 hours after the date of entry, the tenant does not occur, the rent will be considered canceled and the apartment will be given for rent. The payment will remain with the owner.

An early departure does not give rise to any refund. However, this departure may be motivated by a case of force majeure; the purchase of an insurance contract may allow you to protect yourself.

7. Cancellation by N°9 Boutique Apartments

In the case of imponderables (fire, flood, burglary,...) would make the apartment inaccessible, N°9 Boutique Apartments agrees to repay all of the money collected. N°9 Boutique Apartments may not be subject to a claim.

8. Inventory of fixtures

An inventory is in each apartment. The resident must check its accuracy and quality on arrival and inform reception of any anomaly, missing or damaged items, as appropriate within 4 hours of arrival. On departure of the resident, the inventory and the cleanliness of the apartment will be subject to review by N°9 Boutique Apartments and all missing inventory or damage caused to the apartment will be charged to the resident.
The tenant will be responsible for items worn on the inventory and will be required to repay the cost of damaged items and if necessary restoring them. The tenant must report any damage or breakage occurred during his stay. The tenant agrees to leave the apartment at his departure in the state it was in when entering the premises.
N°9 Boutique Apartments reserves the right to enter the rented premises for maintenance or security reasons.

9. Obligations and Liability

The apartment will be occupied for private purposes for a holiday or business travel only. In no case, it can be used for a commercial, craft or professional activity.
The tenant is required to comply with the rules of the building, including noise. In the case of a complaint of nuisance in the vicinity, only the tenant's responsibility is involved. The tenant is obliged to return the apartment in the condition it was found.

A mandatory requirement is that leasing tenants are covered in their liability by a comprehensive insurance policy.
Tenants are responsible for their good behavior and conduct. If the customer was not to stick to those standards of civility, the owner may require the client, for the sake of peace of other residents to leave and vacate the apartment.

Pets: Pets are not allowed.

The apartments are non-smoking.

The booking implies by right the customer acceptance of all the clauses of these general conditions of occupation without any reservations.

10. Termination

In case of termination due to a failure of the tenant to one of the obligations set out above, the tenant will remain liable for compensation equal to 150.00 euros. This compensation may be retained from the warranty left by the tenant.

11. Litigation

Any dispute shall be the responsibility of the courts of Brussels. The parties expressly agree that their relations are governed by Belgian law.